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Mensaje por soberano 50 el Vie Jul 25, 2008 11:05 pm

Aui les envio un video de un amigo mio nombrado Tim. Lo que el expone estoy 100% de acuerdo con el. Aqui el socialismo en EU sigue incrementando Es similar ha lo ocurrido en nuestra patria aun en EU un poco mas sutil Porfavor lean y vean el video que esta adjuntado y asi pueden llegar a sus propias conclusiones. Gracias y saludos y resptos ha todos los foritas

My friends,

If you enthusiastically support one of the main candidates, read no further.

But if you have doubts that your interests and concerns are being addressed by the major party candidates consider an alternative. Several points lead me to suggest that people vote for a 3rd party candidate this year, particularly Libertarian (, but in fact I recommend you vote for anybody other than Depublicans. Find a candidate that really reflects your views and vote for them. People object to doing so for a variety of reasons. The following addresses some of them.

  • The wasted vote argument. First and foremost is that the point of voting is to express your beliefs not necessarily to win an election. This is crucial and for the time being, it’s how 3rd parties work. Does everybody that votes Republican in, for example Massachusetts, waste their vote? Of course not. Expressing your beliefs can have longer term effects by sending a message to the politicians as well as fellow Americans. At the very least, it’s an opportunity to say, “We’re not going to take this anymore” to the establishment. It’s true that there is a spoiler effect, but we have no way to assess whether that mattered. Teddy Roosevelt got Wilson elected and as bad as that was, would Taft have been better? His presidency was characterized by such things as trust busting, strengthening the Interstate Commerce Commission, expanding the civil service and other “progressive” positions. Similarly, Perot got Clinton in, but would we be better off if George 1st I had been reelected? That leads to:

  • The president by himself doesn’t have that much real effect. People talk about Bush’s war or Clinton’s economy, but neither is accurate. Other forces and circumstances have more impact. That’s why Clinton voted for free trade and welfare reform while Bush voted in the largest expansion of entitlements in memory.
  • Lesser of two evils. In some cases (Bush vs. Gore/Kerry and v-v) and in some states (FL) this might be important, but not this time. Both candidates are advocates of big government, support massive government programs like addressing global warming that have dubious benefits, trample the Bill of Rights, will say whatever it takes to get elected and have no real executive ability; we cannot trust either of them. I honestly can’t decide which of the two major candidates would be the lesser of the two evils. In any case, the lesser of two evils is still evil and they legitimately consider your vote for him to be an endorsement of his positions.
  • Supreme Court. The willingness and ability of a president to nominate and fight for justices that will reflect your beliefs regarding the Constitution can also be important, but I don’t think it matters this time either. Partly because of the second point above, but also, Republicans will block any really liberal nominee should Obama get elected, and I seriously doubt that McCain would even nominate a justice with a viewpoint conservative enough, for example that would lead to overturning McCain/Feingold, in the first place and the Democrats would block any really conservative nominee if he did.
  • If we continue on the road we’re on, we’re going to end up where we are headed. That road is the road to serfdom (cf. Friedrich Hayek.) The outcomes seem to be: economic collapse which of course will be an excuse for the government to take total control; continued socialism with Obama or a tilt toward fascism with McCain (I am aware that fascism it typically liberal and have said so for years, but McCain qualifies); revolution.

People say that you have to work the system, but the system is the problem. The system isn’t malfunctioning because of bad leaders; we get bad leaders because the system has failed. Look at the recent record with presidents like Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Clinton, Bush I, Bush II and candidates like Dukakis, Dole, Obama, Hillary and McCain. Are these representative of the best among us? The system needs drastic change and that will never happen working within it. Congress has something like a 95% reelection rate, which hardly lends itself to change either. The system attracts these kinds of candidates. The system is too big and too powerful; NOBODY could possibly effectively manage it; there are too many vested interests not the least of which is the enormous federal bureaucracy. It MUST be shrunk; slowing its growth is pointless. It doesn’t matter if the catastrophic result occurs in 10 years or 13. One could argue the sooner the better both to minimize the impact as well as get on with recovery.

In addition, let me suggest that you vote against ANY incumbent. I call it RASCALS; Remove All Senators/Congresspersons And Let’s Startover. If you agree, pass it on to your friends.

Once again, I value you all as friends and hope that you don’t consider this impertinent; but I consider it important. If this resonates with you, please pass it on.

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary …..


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