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Castromart: The advantage of having no competition

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Castromart: The advantage of having no competition

Mensaje por cniagara el Sáb Mar 22, 2008 3:28 pm

Castromart: The advantage of having no competition

For 50 years, the Castro brothers have been using Cuba as if it was their own private farm and the 11 million Cubans as their peons.

They send Cuban doctors, engineers, musicians and other professionals to work in countries all over the world, the Castro brothers are paid for these services in hard currency, they in turn pay their slaves a small portion of those wages and pocket the difference.

If you refuse to go on one of these "international missions," you'll lose your job and will never be able to find another one because the Castro brothers are the only employers in the island.

The Castro brothers also have a complete monopoly of all the retail stores where their 11 million peons can buy what they need. By having no competition, Castromart is able to charge some of the most outrageous prices in the whole world.

I remember when these hypocrites used to criticize the owners of Cuba's sugar mills for having a nearby store for their employees to buy food and clothing. These "revolutionaries" claimed back then that this was exploitation, because the prices were allegedly higher than it was in the cities.

But now they are the ones charging 11 million Cubans outrageous prices and instead of fascist-exploitation they call it "communism."

On top of that, the Castro brothers pay their slaves miserable salaries in Cuban pesos, but they charge them in US dollars.

Here are some examples of some prices at Castromart compared to stores in countries where there is competition:


Samsung washer W80U3 US$209.95 at a store named Photura in Panama


At Castromart the same washer costs US$821.79!



Cuba is free to buy anything it wants in Panama. As a matter of fact, the Castro regime owns several corporations in Panama that have been exporting equipment to Cuba for years.

Here is another example:


Philips 29" inch TV at Grupo DMG in Panama US$274.99


The same TV at Castromart US$886.72



Taking into consideration that the average salary in Cuba is about US$15 per month, you will need to save the entire salary of 55 months to buy a washer and 59 months for a TV at Castromart.

I can't wait to see what Castromart will charge for a computer, when they are finally allowed to be sold.

Click here to see al the products available at this store owned by CIMATEL, a division of Cuba's Ministry of Science and Technology.

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Re: Castromart: The advantage of having no competition

Mensaje por Lazaro Morera el Dom Mar 23, 2008 9:31 am


Excellent work by cniagara. When my father's business was nationalized in Cuba, the communists said that they could not allow the exploitation of a worker by another man.

This article shows the real meaning of exploitation under Castro's communism. THE EXPLOITATION OF ALL THE PEOPLE BY FIDEL AND RAUL CASTRO. What an irony!

Please, click on the last line of the previous article and note that few cubans have hard currency. Those that do pay 3 times the price od any given thing they wish to purchase! The Castros really know how to play monopoly!


Lazaro Morera
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Re: Castromart: The advantage of having no competition

Mensaje por Wajiro el Dom Mar 23, 2008 10:53 pm

Good report !

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Re: Castromart: The advantage of having no competition

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