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The "ambasador" Fron the Vatican. Buena mier...

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The "ambasador" Fron the Vatican. Buena mier...

Mensaje por Martin Fierro el Sáb Feb 23, 2008 8:49 pm

Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State for the Vatican, is in Cuba on an official visit.
Yesterday, he celebrated mass, The Holy Sacrifice, at Havana’s Cathedral, offering the sacrament of Communion, or was it last rites?, to the atheist Cuban Nomenklatura.
According to Leonard Doyle, writing for the UK’s “The Independent” , the elite of Cuba’s decadent ruling class:
“Dressed in expensive Italian suits, a few with glamorous young partners on their arms, (they) took their places ahead of rows of nuns, priests and diplomats who sat in plastic chairs in a cordoned-off section of the square.”

The problem was, that the party, I mean Mass, like fidel’s rallies, was by invitation only. And, there were some party crashers, the “Ladies in White”. Here are Doyle’s words. Needless to say, he didn’t get the memo:

The procession moved through the congregation touching off ripples of applause from the faithful. But it veered away at one point, turning back to the altar, rather than encounter a group known as the Damas de Blanco ("Ladies in White"), who are the only public face of resistance left in Cuba.

They were not meant to be at this Mass, although they are devout Catholics for the most part, who walk to church every Sunday, dressed all in white, to bring attention to the terrible fate of husbands, sons and brothers languishing in Castro's jails for up to 20 years for voicing "anti-revolutionary" opinions.
The Ladies in White, a number of whom are in their eighties, were told initially that without invitations they could not attend. Then they were allowed in under protest, but had to stand at the back throughout the two-hour service, although there were empty seats near the altar.
TheVatican has never shied away from courting power, but the church's naked embrace of the anti-clerical power elite had an Animal Farm-like quality to it that left some in the congregation slack jawed. Some of Fidel Castro's oldest cronies made it to Mass. They included the president of the National Assembly Ricardo Alarcon, Cuba's hard-line foreign minister, Felipe Pérez Roque, and Juan Contino Aslan, the mayor of Havana.
All might have passed peacefully if the Ladies in White had been treated with some dignity and seated among the congregation as they had been promised. Instead, mid-way through the service, while Cardinal Bertone made a vacuous plea for reconciliation among all Cubans he was rudely interrupted, as the Ladies in White burst spontaneously into a religious song, crying out "Viva el Christo! Viva el Christo! Viva el Christo!"
Burly, plainclothed security men rushed in their direction and the cameras of the media wheeled around to film the moment of protest. Even the cardinal was thrown off track and had to pause. However, so tin-eared is the Vatican's top diplomat that he gave not a flicker of recognition to the long-suffering women and the hundreds of political prisoners they represent in Castro's gulag.
As soon as Mass ended, Cardinal Bertone descended from the altar to offer the Catholic "sign of peace" and a warm embrace for each member of the Cuban high command. Then it was all over, the cardinal had given his blessing to the Communists while keeping the faithful at bay.

The sight of these Cuban Communist henchmen participating in a Mass is revolting. But, I have to confess that I get a little perverse pleasure out of the irony of hearing about this bunch of murdering thugs having to bow to the Almighty in a sobering preview of the judgment that’s ultimately coming their way, in a ceremony that could very well represent the last rites for the regime. At least raul had enough sense not to attend.
Read the article here it also has an interview with dissident Cuban economist, Oscar Espinoa Chepe and his Ladies in White wife, Miriam Leiva.
This is not an "objective" piece in the way that the AP and Reuters, et al define objectivity. It tells it like it is which requires the use on some cognitive process to discern what he truth is and describe it in living color and deadly accuracy.

From Babalu blog
Martin Fierro

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Re: The "ambasador" Fron the Vatican. Buena mier...

Mensaje por jose gonzalez el Dom Feb 24, 2008 10:38 am

Martin,good article.....the Catholic Church's position about Cuba is totally pathetic, makes me vomit....

jose gonzalez

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Re: The "ambasador" Fron the Vatican. Buena mier...

Mensaje por Wajiro el Vie Abr 18, 2008 3:56 pm

His Holiness, Benedict the latest and greatest, has been kind enough to bless us with his presence here in the US, Popemobile and all.
The president even presented him with a decadent birthday cake the size of a compact car for his birthday. I’m guessing that broke a few of the seven deadly sins, but let he who is without sin have their cake and eat it too.
The Vatican, of course, is above politics and doesn’t lecture world leaders about the shortcomings of their governments and embarrass them in public. Or so we were told when Cardinal Bertone visited Cuba recently. In Cuba, the Roman did as the Cubans do and blamed the U.S. “embargo” for Cuba’s fifty years of misery.
While celebrating Mass in the United States however, the Pontiff, saw fit to chastise America for its past sins.
"To be sure, this promise was not experienced by all the inhabitants of this land; one thinks of the injustices endured by the native American peoples and by those brought here forcibly from Africa as slaves."
At the risk of excommunication, one can also think that an ex-Hitler-Jugend who now heads a Church that has been responsible for its share of “injustices” should not be throwing stones in that glass cathedral. Perhaps Benedict may want to visit Gettysburg while he’s in the D.C. area to see the steep price that America paid for its “original sin” of slavery. And maybe he can visit the Seminole Hard-Rock Casino in Hollywood to see the Native American’s unfulfilled promise of the American dream.
But, back to Cuba and the Church.
Today, as Cigar Mike points out, Cuban author, poet, ex-political prisoner and devout Catholic, Armando Valladares, addresses the Vatican’s political duplicity in a Wall Street Journal Op.Ed.
The Catholic Church has taken a hardline position against right-wing dictatorships. But in Cuba, the Church has been silent – or worse – ever since 1960, when Fidel Castro expelled hundreds of Catholic priests because they alerted their parishioners of the communist danger surfacing in government circles.
Valladares adds…
By pressuring the U.S. to lift the embargo, Cardinal Bertone plays the sad role of an effective ambassador of Cuban communist diplomacy. He also subverts the appraisal of Cuba's real "crucial problems" when he denounces the external embargo, while remaining silent about a communist regime that muzzles and holds in misery 11 million souls.
It is very easy, you see, to criticize the United Sates. Anyone can do it. It takes absolutely no courage. In fact, It’s encouraged.
But, to go into the lion’s den, to go to Hell on Earth and stare down evil, that’s a different story. That's the stuff of martyrs like Boitel.
One can pray that Benedict, whose strong condemnation of the “dictatorship of relativism”, which has so far been the defining message of his papacy, will meditate on the moral relativism of pleading the case of the terrorists being held on the 45 square miles that comprise the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba…
(The statement also said Bush and Benedict "touched on the need to confront terrorism with appropriate means that respect the human person and his or her rights" - an apparent reflection of the Vatican's strong condemnation of the mistreatment of prisoners.)
… while the rest of people on the remaining 110,815 square miles live oppressed, without respect for their person or rights and in misery, under a dictatorship that is not relative but absolute, under a tyranny that he is helping to legitimize and failing to condemn.
One can pray.
Miembro Especial

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Re: The "ambasador" Fron the Vatican. Buena mier...

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