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Cuban Media Misinformation Unveiled - Cuban Military Hoax

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Cuban Media Misinformation Unveiled - Cuban Military Hoax

Mensaje por habanero el Mar Nov 27, 2007 12:59 pm

Cuba has been holding military maneuvers for several days, from 19 November to 23 November; the maneuvers are called "Moncada 2007." I always follow all these maneuvers to see what weaponry they use, and I have some things to report.

Many of the photos featured in Cuban newspapers are file photos used in the past; for example, they are showing the photo of a soldier holding a SAM-7, that photo comes from the "Bastion 2004" exercise.

As they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. This is why you always catch a liar faster than a lame man.

Here is the Granma edition of 15 December 2004.

I will show you only one piece of evidence to avoid tiring you.

Radio Rebelde, dated 20 November 2007, you can see the same photo.

Other photos show the same Russian airplanes used in the past; for example, see this page, here is where these airplanes are pictured and you always see the same MIG-29UB 900; they always feature this photo; also, much lower on the page, you can see many photos of L-39C serials 27 and 28 airplanes; these have been featured before and they are always the same ones. Toward the end you find the best surprise, a photo of a MIG-21MF.

Why do they do this?

My opinion is that there is hardly any active weaponry left in Cuba. This is why they always show a single airplane. You will never see a squadron of 20 to 30 airplanes flying at the same time. They rely on photographic tricks, featuring photos of the same airplanes separately to give the impression that they have more active airplanes than they actually do; all this is to intimidate the people that they oppress, but I am not buying it at all.

All those airplanes are very well painted and look well kept, when the truth is the complete oppositve because I can tell you that a lot of the radar equipment, sensors, and electronic countermeasures do not work in those airplanes; the same happens with the Navy tanks and ships. Speaking of the Navy, I know that many of the Osa II patrol boats no longer carry the Sea-to-Sea missiles; none of those patrol boats can reach 30-knots; the smell of petroleum, oil, and smoke gives these patrol boats away before you can see them; in sum, they are now worthless.

Those guys think that they can hide all that obsolete machinery of the rattletraps that they have left under a new coat of paint; it would be better if they used that paint to refurbish the houses in Havana, which need it so much; that is what they should do if their prime concern is truly the people.

I left the best of these photo-inventions for the end; it is a MIG-21MF serial C-46, that was used in the Angolan War.

The MIGs arrived in Cuba in July 1973, in a squadron of 12 airplanes numbered from 510 to 521.

Here is the MIG-21MF in the DAAFAR [Revolutionary Air and Air Defense Force] site. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to the photo I will include below.

A second squadron of MIG-21MF airplanes was sent to Angola directly from the Soviet Union; they arrived aboard AN-22 cargo airplanes and were assembled on 13 March 1976.

These MIG-21MF were numbered with an Angolan sequence, from C-41 to C-52.

The MIG-21MF serial C-46 that they show here as a Cuban airplane is out of service for many reasons; it still has the Angolan Air Force insignia and, look at the ground, you see no remnants of hydraulic fluid at all and these airplanes are always leaking fluids all over; look at the airplane's panels as well, above all behind the pilot's cockpit, they are loose; and even the cloth covering the pilot's seat, it must surely be there because most of the glass panels are broken, another lie.

Keep in mind that these airplanes arrived in 1976, that means they are extremely old and obsolete.

They began to experience losses [in Angola] right away. Here is a list of the MIG-21MFs destroyed in Angola. These jackanapes know this is comon knowledge.

C-41 MIG-21MF 16-Mar-76 Landed without fuel in Savimbi's home town; the pilot was
General Rafael del Pino, the airplane was restored.
C-48 MIG-21MF 1976 Destroyed due to hydraulic system problems.
C50 MIG-21MF 20-Oct-83 Lt Col Henry Perez, LUANA, damaged by anti-aircraft fire.
1X MIG-21MF 15-Mar-81 Destroyed - Major Leonel Ponce Terriente bailed out and was
rescued, Cabinda.
1X MIG-21MF 2-May-81 Destroyed - Captain Carlos Benitez Estacio, Triple AAA,
1X MIG-21MF 6-Nov-81 Destroyed - Lieutenant Danacio Valdez, shot down by South
Africans, MULONDO.
1X MIG-21MF 23-Apr-83 Destroyed - Captain Raul Fernandez Sanchez, Lubango
1X MIG-21MF 21-Sep-83 Destroyed - Captain Chacon, Luena .
1X MIG-21MF 2-Oct-83 Destroyed - Captain Andres Valle, LUBANGO, Dead.
1X MIG-21MF 10-Nov-83 Destroyed - Captain Roberto Hernandez Alvarez, Dead.
1X MIG-21MF 17-Apr-85 Destroyed - Lieutenant Taurino Toledo Vila, Malange.

Did you count them? Yes, for the first time ever you ca n see this information on the Internet; my dates may be wrong but the losses and the names of the pilots are correct; it is not easy to remember exact dates after so many years, as you know.

Well, this means that 10 of the 12 MIG-21MFs used in Angola were shot down, so only 2 survived, and this MIG-21MF is one of those two.

Another surprise is that Mr. Orestes Lorenzo was one of the pilots who flew this airplane most often; I suggest these communists try their lies somewhere else.

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Re: Cuban Media Misinformation Unveiled - Cuban Military Hoax

Mensaje por davisito el Mar Nov 27, 2007 3:54 pm

Dear habanero, preaty good from you for being tracking all their movement,our friend luis dominguez realized already same thing you do,this mean we're a step far from them.
thank you and keep going.

brother David
Miembro Especial

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Re: Cuban Media Misinformation Unveiled - Cuban Military Hoax

Mensaje por habanero el Miér Nov 28, 2007 10:06 am

Davisito: I merely posted a translation of the analysis work done by Luis, and yes, we must endeavor to keep a step ahead of their lies. Cheers...

Cantidad de mensajes : 79
Edad : 50
Localización : Florida
Valoración de Comentarios : 8
Puntos : 10
Fecha de inscripción : 04/09/2006

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Re: Cuban Media Misinformation Unveiled - Cuban Military Hoax

Mensaje por Luis Dominguez el Miér Nov 28, 2007 11:11 am

Habanero I may need your help on something else.

Thanks Take care.

Luis Dominguez

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Re: Cuban Media Misinformation Unveiled - Cuban Military Hoax

Mensaje por Contenido patrocinado

Contenido patrocinado

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