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Histerics or Histerical?

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Histerics or Histerical?

Mensaje por LoriG el Jue Oct 11, 2007 3:54 pm

As posted by Henry "Conductor" Gomez on

The Impossible Dream
So when Michael Moore does an obvious puff piece on the state of Cuba's healthcare, it's slanted and biased propaganda that's worthy of mocking.
But show nothing but the bad and the horrific and it's the "truth." The "real Cuba." No propaganda here.
Why isn't it possible for someone, anyone, to come up with something in between these two extremes? Does everyone have to have their own, very obvious, agendas? For once, can't we just get the facts without all the hysterics?

No, the impossible dream is to get someone who is so ignorant, bigoted and closed minded to understand the true nature of the most evil regime in the history of our hemisphere.
For the benefit of our average reader, and not the idiot who wrote the above, let me take some time to explain to you what this is all about.
The person who filmed the footage that aired on Fox News' Hannity and Colmes last night is a dissident doctor by the name of Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramirez. You can read more about him in a WALL STREET JOURNAL column that has been reproduced here. An excerpt:

Dr. Ferrer had sinned against the Revolution: He is an Afro-Cuban medical professional who, noting the country's abysmal state of health care, established an independent health and human rights clinic. "We have dedicated ourselves to offering free medical attention to those in need and visiting extremely poor communities where scarcities strike marginalized Cubans daily, to offer health services, give medicine, clothing and toys and to share the suffering of those beings," Dr. Ferrer reported.
The 36-year-old doctor's selfless dedication to others would win praise from any government genuinely concerned about the welfare of citizens.
However, in Cuba, his work scandalizes the state. It has rewarded him by shutting him out of the official medical community and refusing to allow him any form of gainful employment. Along with his wife and son, he has been regularly harassed and terrorized by the government's infamous "repudiation squads," organized mob violence unleashed against non-conformers. The Nov. 29 visit was the first time the regime sent uniformed agents to his home to allege a crime.

You, our discerning readers, understand that castro really derives his power from propaganda. The regime has had 48 years of practice of telling people outside what they want to hear. And mainly that means talking about how a perfect egalitarian society does exist and it's just 90 miles away from the terrible imperialist, capitalist United States of America. In the worker's paradise everyone gets "free" healthcare and education, despite the evil "blockade". Not only that, it's "world class" healthcare and education. But just like Potemkin villages set up the Nazis prior to World War 2, this is all a mirage. It doesn't matter what the true state of Cuban healthcare is as long as they can keep on having people believe the myth.
Make no mistake, there are some world class facilities in Cuba, like where fidel has been treated (by a s Spanish doctor) since his health went south a year ago. The problem is that they are off limits to your run of the mill Cuban. But this is precisely the type of place that the government took Michael Moore for his faux documentary "Sicko".
That's what started this whole episode with Dr. Darsi Ferrer,, ABC News and Fox News channel.
Since many of anti-castro sites and blogs took issue with Moore's portrayal of Cuban healthcare, ABC reached out to some of us. They wanted to investigate whether Moore's claims were true or not. At the time many of our sites and blogs made an appeal to recent arrivals who could tell their stories about Cuban healthcare. We also asked for doctors who had recently arrived to share their experiences. For the first time the real Cuban healthcare situation was going to be looked at seriously by a "legitimate" news organization. At the time, the ignorant ass who wrote the above was already prejudging what we were up to with no information whatsoever.
For weeks and months George, the webmaster of worked tirelessly on the project. He reached out to Dr. Ferrer Ramirez and to his credit Dr. Ferrer accepted the challenge of obtaining clandestine footage of Cuban health facilities. Wearing a hidden camera in his doctor's lab coat, Darsi entered and filmed some of the hospitals , clinics and pharmacies in Havana. I should pause to note that if he had been caught doing this he could have faced imprisonment or worse for an act of "treason against the Revolution" (he still can, as a matter of fact).
Dr. Ferrer gathered hours of unimpeachable material. He was willing to speak on camera as a Cuban healthcare professional with first-hand knowledge of the subject matter. He had patients and family members on camera talking about the desperate situation. The next big challenge was getting the video out of Cuba. Let's just put it this way, it was done very diplomatically.
So after risking his freedom and his life to obtain the evidence, ABC news began to reduce the scope of the investigation. They wanted to go after Moore and the concept of socialized medicine more than expose the reality of Cuban healthcare. I don't really blame them. The American people, for the most part, don't really care about Cuba but they do care about themselves. And the news media these days reports on what people want to see, not what's important. Witness Britney and Paris and Lindsey.
When the piece finally aired it was short 4 or 5 minute clip that was used to tease the broader investigative piece about socialized healthcare that focused on Canada and the UK. Almost none of the unprecedented footage taken by Dr. Darsi Ferrer made it into the piece. Even so, what did make the air was so offensive to the castro regime that as John Stossel stated on his weekly email to viewers:

[t]he Cuban government reacted swiftly. The Central Committee met to discuss the "case" and then called members of the ABC Cuban bureau in for questioning.
The thing was that the Cuban bureau had nothing to do with the footage and knew nothing about it. ABC then ended its relationship with the producer of the clip, the woman who had worked with George from for all those weeks and months. Look for more on that side of the story in the future.
In any case, the whole thing could have ended there but George was persistent, and smart. He had made copies of all the footage he had sent to ABC. And was now trying to find outlets to air it. Local TV was a no-brainer and soon the local show A Mano Limpia hosted by the Dominican journalist Oscar Haza, had agreed to spend an entire hour showing and analyzing the video. But all of us who had been in contact with George during the entire process felt that this needed a wider audience. And luckily Fox News Channel, that doesn't have a Havana or Cuba bureau, agreed to air it.
Again Hannity and Colmes focused on the domestic implications and the debate on socialized medicine. But George's purpose was only to show raw footage of real conditions in Cuba's hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.
While I thank Fox News and Hannity and Colmes I think they missed a big angle to this story which is why was ABC news so afraid to upset the regime in Cuba? Why did they forgo the opportunity to tell a story that nobody else is telling? What influence does the regime have over news gathering organizations with official bureaus in Cuba? How much self-censorship is going on to avoid being expelled from the country? Why is it so important to have a bureau in a country when you can't report what you find? Why was there such little coverage of the expulsion of Gary Marx (Chicago Tribune) and Stephen Gibbs (BBC) by both outlets?
There are no hysterics here. Only a strong desire to tell an untold story. A story that a "south Florida blogger" should be intimately familiar with. Particularly one who has a co-blogger that is Cuban and has a close relative working in the very field that we are talking about.
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