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" So called Foreign Investors"

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" So called Foreign Investors"

Mensaje por Wajiro el Miér Oct 10, 2007 12:15 pm

Am So Angry I think I popped a couple of stitches off my shirt, like the incredible hulk, every time I run into one of this so called foreign investors in Cuba from Canada, england and other Countries.
They always want to make seem like Cuba is such a paradise under the most cruel dictatorship ever.
This particular Canadian son of a female dog, does business with Cuba, hates Cuban Americans and in particular Americans, all he does is complain that Americans are exploiters who kept Cuba under their feet and ran off with all the wealth the Island produced before the Castro's robolution came. That Just boils my F****ing Cuban Blood to a simmer, The SOB is doing worth by doing business with the Cuban Government ,selling them goods that only go to the tourist trade, he marries an 18 year old Cuban girl and says he is helping her survive as well as the rest of the Cubans in The Island and he dares to blame the Americans for what he himself is doing ?.
They enjoys posting news of the "Logros de La revolucion" things which are not new inventions but recycled inventions and credit of its invention is taken by some overgrown Communist MF, who thinks the whole world is as ignorant as they are.
Such as the new announcement made in Cuba of new recycle construction material with cane bagass and volcanic cement, I ask where are they going to get the sugar cane bagass are they going to buy it from the US ? Like everything else, Cuba is not milling enough Sugar cane even for the domestic consumers.
Volcanic cement is a revolutionary discovery ? what were the Romans using 2000 years ago, red Clay ? These scum bags and Fidel lovers really take the cake.
I think I need a vacation from the INTERNET for a while, it has become a heaven for all this misinformed useful fools, son of female dogs.

I hope in a new Democratic Cuba soon to be, we Really look at these Canadian Investors and British and Spaniards and the Like, and pack their miserable pockets with volcanic rocks and take them out in 3000 feet of ocean and persuade them to take a swim, that is what they deserve as MF exploiters of the Cuban People.
But at least I hope that we really look and see who deserves to invest in a future free cuba.:evil:
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Re: " So called Foreign Investors"

Mensaje por liberal el Vie Oct 19, 2007 9:42 pm

There have been foreign investors that have been kicked out of Cuba .As a result they received no compensation and the government kept it all as usual

I guess that is what happens when an investor tries to invest with the Castro government owning 51% of an enterprise.

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