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Crimes Against Humanity: 56 person massacre

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Crimes Against Humanity: 56 person massacre

Mensaje por LoriG el Mar Oct 02, 2007 4:29 pm

To follow is sadly, a case not well known by many, of a 56 person massacre commited in Cuba in 1980.

The Canimar River Massacre: 56 people, including 4 children. July 6, 1980.

The Canimar river flows into Matanzas bay, near Varadero beach. In 1980, a tourist excursion service was inaugurated on the "XX
Aniversario,” to navigate five miles along the river with 100 passengers.
On July 6, 1980, the boat was hijacked by three youngsters seeking to take it to the United States –Ramón Calveiro León (15) and the
brothers Silvio Aguila Yanes (19 ) and Sergio Aguila Yanes (19), a sergeant in the Cuban Armed Forces who had secured firearms for

the escape. They commanded the vessel amid screams of approval by the passengers. The boat’s security guard shot at them, who wounded him. Concerned for his wellbeing, they placed him and a passenger who did not want to leave on a boat with a local fisherman. Once on shore, the three alerted authorities.

Julián Rizo Alvarez, Secretary of the Communist Party for Matanzas province, commanded a chase. Two high-speed Cuban Navy boats were dispatched with orders to prevent the escape, sinking the boat if necessary. They opened fire, the youngsters fired back, and several passengers were killed or wounded. A Cuban Air Force plane then opened fire on the boat, leaving more dead and wounded on the bloodied deck.

The “XX Aniversario” was very close to international waters when a huge boat commandeered by Rizo rammed and sank it. Surviving passengers were thrown into the water, soon contending with sharks attracted by the blood.

The toll of the disaster was 56 victims: eleven bodies recovered and forty-five missing at sea, including four children. The Cuban government sustains that the boat was accidentally sunk when waves forced a collision. It did not allow communal funerals for the victims. The ten survivors were ordered to keep silence and to never gather in groups of more than two of them present. For years, government agents monitored their activities. They and victims' relatives were offered gifts of televisions and appliances usually reserved for high government officials.

The Cuban government claims Sergio Aguila Yanes committed suicide. Other reports indicate he was pulled from the ocean and never seen again. Silvio Aguila Yanes is serving a 30-year prison sentence in Havana. Witnesses report he has been subjected to psychiatric torture with large doses of psychotropic drugs. 15 year-old Roberto Calveiro served time in prison but reportedly was released and lives in exile.


If you want to educate yourself a bit more about other assasinations by the Cuban Government, please visit this page at Cuba Archive . It is a Work-In-Progress began in February of 2007 regarding executions and assassinations by the Castro regime of Cubans for attempting to flee the island prison.
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