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Raul's speech

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Raul's speech

Mensaje por QUANG el Mar Abr 06, 2010 1:41 pm

Castro's end game.

After more than half a century of stalinist totalitarianism disguised as Socialism, The Castro brothers' regime is at long last at the very edge of a generalized collapse which may occur within the next few months.

This is not the first time since 1959 when cuban dissidents perish as a consequence of their hunger strikes. However, this is the first time the world (or at least some in the West) have considered the possibility that they may have been wrong all along about Castro and his regime.

Since the death of Orlando Zapata-Tamayo last month in Cuba, public opinion has not been kind to the Castros.

What has changed? How did this happen?

For the last 50 years Fidel Castro has shown himself to be a masterful manipulator of the western media.

While It is true that today pendulum of public opinion and political favor seems to be swinging away from pampering authoritarian regimes from the right or from the left; that by itself would not explain why Fidel Castro has not responded to this challenge with a challenge of his own (as he used to do), and end up smelling like a rose, thumping his nose at "The Empire".

Judging from his absence during this, the only real crisis his regime has faced in 50 years, It is very possible that Fidel Castro is somehow disabled and not capable of managing the foreign media, while still powerful enough to stop his brother Raul's from implementing any changes that may improve the cuban people's situation and thus weaken the government's hold on them.

Last Sunday April 5th, Fidel's younger brother and De-Facto president of Cuba made a speech in which he dished out more of the usual rethoric which has become more and more removed from reality, branding the dissidents as common criminals and accusing what he calls "The Empire" (pressumably, any nation that does not condone his tyranny).

The speech was important in that it showed a man that has run out of options and has now for all purposes put a stop forever on the "reforms" he promised a year ago and which never materialized.
Not offering any solutions to the catastrophic state of the cuban economy, but rather asking for more and more sacrifice, more meetings and demonstrations of support, Raul Castro indeed sounds like a desperate man.

In a totally incredible twist duriing the speech Raul Castro virtually promised he will destroy the entire country rather that to allow the basic, timid economic reforms without which the cuban people will continue their agony, now 51 years long.

Another valiant individual who is now on his death bed in Cuba, in a hunger strike to the end is Guillermo Farinas. Mr Farinas is a University trained psychologist and independent journalist. Mr Farina's demand is simple and modest, and it's the same demand Mr Orlando Zapata-Tamayo died for in a hunger strike last month.

His demand is solely that those political prisoners that have serious and or terminal health problems be freed and allowed to either flee Cuba or remain on the island and receive medical care.

Bear in mind that all of these individuals, these prisoners of conscience (26 at last count) have had their health compromised as a result of the tortures, ill treatment and lack of medical attention they have experienced while in prison for expressing their opposition to the Castro regime, and not for petty crimes as the government of Cuba is trying to make it appear.

Among the prisoners in ill health is Dr Darcy Ferrer, a medical doctor who now has added himself to the list of people in hunger strike in the island.

Raul Castro's intolerance, lack of compassion and the basic inhumanity of the regime he presides are becoming more and more difficult to conceal behind tired slogans. Last Sunday's speech was for all purposes a death sentence for this valiant man Guillermo Farinas.

Unfortunately it seems that Mr Guillermo Farinas will indeed die. It is aparent that given his present condition his chances for recovery are slim.

I am not a journalist but only a person who knows what regimes like the Castro's really mean for the average person.
It is time to tell everyone what these two men have done to the nation of Cuba with their despotism and their total lack of decency and truthfulness.

It is high time that cubans got a break from the longest dictatorship the world has seen in modern times.

Raul Castro probably knows that this is really the end, but rather than allow a peaceful resolution, he is willing to destroy what is left of the clean and prosperous nation he took over with false promises half a century ago.

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