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Pobrecita, cada vez mas imbécil.

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Pobrecita, cada vez mas imbécil.

Mensaje por Martin Fierro el Dom Oct 25, 2009 7:39 pm

Olga Tañon from the Herald's gushy puff piece on the criticism she received for her participation in the recent concert in Havana: "With all the respect in the world for Cuban exiles that have suffered tremendously, I think it's time to change." "We have to learn to forgive. I take off my hat to people who, with so many limitations, have learned to live, to survive and, with all that, still want to dance and sing. That's why it's worth the trouble to do something so these people will get to know the world on the other side.''

Does she believe that if Cuban exiles find forgiveness, then magically, those happy singing, dancing natives imprisoned on the island will get to know the world on the outside and find freedom? I'm trying to find some logic in her statement, and it escapes me. Whom are the exiles supposed to forgive? fidel? And how is that going to open up Cuba? I'm sure the old brute and his henchmen are just waiting for that forgiveness for enlightenment and then walla! They will free Dr. Biscet and all the political prisoners, distribute plentiful food supplies and declare Cuba a democracy that guarantees human rights for all. Or does she believe that what Cubans need are more performances by visiting entertainers such as herself telling them how wonderful they are what with their singing and dancing and joy in spite of adversity, because if that's it, no thank you, they've had fifty years of condescending tokens of solidarity from the narcisstic elite. Imagine the headline; Miami exiles forgive fidel, U.S. and Cuba sign free trade agreement! What's that sound we hear, ka-ching ka-ching?

Oh, and note the Juanes quote included in the article to add extra heartfelt legitimacy: "Olga embodies the faith and music of the wind.'' What the hell does that mean?
Is there a stupid on Cuba pill or something? I don't remember reading about Jews needing to forgive Hitler, Blacks needing to forgive slave masters, or here's a good one, how about Gitmo detainees forgiving Bush in order to end world wide terrorism, that would be awesome! Please spare us these self-congratulatory fools, and the editors that publish thier drivel.

Martin Fierro

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Re: Pobrecita, cada vez mas imbécil.

Mensaje por kubanita el Lun Oct 26, 2009 1:14 am

Pena es lo que siento por ella.Solo le queda una neurona y creo que es adendrítica.
Miembro Activo

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