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When Ideology Blinds Reason at Capitol Hill Cubans

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When Ideology Blinds Reason at Capitol Hill Cubans

Mensaje por LoriG el Vie Oct 23, 2009 6:21 pm

When Ideology Blinds Reason

at Capitol Hill Cubans

at 12:06 AM Friday, October 23, 2009
And no, this post is not about Castronomics.

It's about a novelist and scholar, whose ideological goggles are so tinted that they blind obvious contradictions.

Writing in the L.A. Times this week, Chilean-born novelist and Duke University Professor of Literature, Vladimiro Ariel Dorfman, makes the following hemispheric policy recommendations to the Obama Administration:

Building on his creative engagement with Latin America after the George W. Bush years of blindness and neglect, there is much the president can accomplish immediately. Lifting the senseless blockade against Cuba, followed by full diplomatic relations, would be a good beginning. Another sore spot is Honduras, where the United States has not done enough to isolate and punish the de facto government, which came to power through a coup against the country's elected president. And Obama should rethink his approach to hemispheric security (canceling, for instance, Plan Colombia) as a way of defusing tensions in a Latin America threatened by a new arms race.

Dorfman's use of the word "blockade" -- terminology used by the Castro regime to refer to U.S. sanctions -- should have been an ideological give away. Therefore, we'd first like to remind him that the U.S. provides more humanitarian aid to the Cuban people than the rest of the world's nations combined -- not very "blockade-like" behavior.

Yet, the most striking contradiction is his recommendation to isolate and punish the government of Honduras for its undemocratic behavior, while simultaneously advocating to lift commercial sanctions and establish full diplomatic relations with Castro's Cuba.

Why does Dorfman believe that Cuba should be the only country in this hemisphere condemned to a dictatorship?

Is it because it is a left-wing dictatorship?
Surely he didn't feel the same way about the right-wing Pinochet dictatorship in his native Chile.

Finally, notice how he blames problems in the Andean region on the Colombian government and U.S. policy (Plan Colombia), but doesn't say a word about narco-terrorists or Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

It's time to let reason shine through.
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