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“Here we are” By José Reyes

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“Here we are” By José Reyes

Mensaje por freedom of expression el Lun Nov 03, 2008 3:58 pm

“Here we are”

By José Reyes
Well here we are, November the third of the year 2008, one day from
the so-called historical presidential election. One day away from the
unprecedented final decision, one day away, where all American citizens
will place themselves on a line, on a line that will lead them to a
voting booth. And in that voting booth they will sit, close the drape
for their own personal privacy and choose the next leader of the free world. This is the democratic way, this is freedom of choice
as we know it and this is our divine right as Americans. We will choose
our future, well at least for the next 4 years. Four years that could
promise to be a real rollercoaster ride, shifting up and down but
mostly left to right. You see, it seems the conservatives in our
precious country have been caught off guard. They have lost focus of
how important it is to pay attention to the covert far left movement, a
well organized group that has been working feverishly for decades.
Working to adopt a Socialistic type of government in America. So now,
they are here and they are not going away quietly this time. They are
determined now and it shows, look at them, they have a swagger now.
They are bold and ready now, their supreme time has arrived! They have
the appropriate candidate now, the one that will lead them towards the
road to utopia. That never-ending road where everyone will be as one, as you can see now, they are committed now and they are trulythe
masses. Yes, there they are! They are here now, out in the open. No
more camouflage, they finally feel very comfortable to express
themselves. All those years of brainwashing, the culprit, their Castro
loving teachers and all the “I hate America and what it stands for”
propaganda drilling by the mainstream media. This is the definitely the
time! Meanwhile, the middle-of-the- road middle class and far right
extremist conservative “Not in my backyard”
Americans are waking up now. You see, they have fallen asleep during
their guard and they have awoken to notice deep footprints in their
backyards. Footprints made by the “I have no future anymore”
Americans. These conservatives were too naïve and have been silently
ambushed. They have been ambushed by these jealous droids, who in a sad
way, really have no choice any more. They must follow now; they have been blinded by the light, their ultimate leader is OBAMA is calling and he will lead them to the path of change!
What can I say, I’ve tried, I’ve been trying and will keep trying,
on a daily basis, to take advantage of the freedoms we have here in
America. Every time I write an anti-Castro, anti-Communist article, I
direct it to the world, you see, it’s not about Cuba and me, it’s about
all of us. We have that freedom here in America and I sure take
advantage of it, in everything I do. Yes my fellow readers, here we
are! Tomorrow is almost here. By now everyone has decided which way
they will vote. Most of us knew who we were going to choose anyway, so
why even have any campaigns. Well, at least the Republican sympathizers
did. Although Ron Paul did make a valiant effort, we all knew it was
not going to be enough. I guess America is not ready for him yet, but
I’ll tell you one thing. If he would have triumphed over McCain and the
others, he would have gotten the same support that McCain is receiving
now. That just shows you how much this country is divided when it comes
to politics, and after it is all said and done, it is all
about politics, that’s one of the main ways we are divided here in
America. But this time, I don’t know, there is more behind this
election. This time it is quite different, I must say, something fishy
is going on over here. In all of the years that I have been living in
this country, I never saw such of an enormous reaction to a candidate
who was running for president.
In my opinion and I have mentioned it before many of times, Obama is
a puppet who has been selected by the far left main stream media and by
the far left high ranking liberal educational institutions. He’s their
man and he’s the one that will do the damage for them. I bet if you go
to the homes of every single university professor that teach politics,
you will see the Communist Manifesto on their book shelf, guaranteed my
friends! You must remember, both Barack and Michelle Obama have gone
through the system, they’ve been trained. Also, let’s not forget the
leftist, contradicting Hollywood Industry that makes it their job to
curve history towards their way. There are many factors involved here
and Obama is taking your attention away from them, this is his job. As
for the true blue Democrats out there and many who I know, I
feel sorry for them. They are between a rock and a hard place, they
know very well how much effect their vote for Obama would have on the
American way of life, but they have to vote for Obama, why? Because to
them McCain is too Bush-like and Obama is not. That’s the only reason
why they are going with Obama. Little do they realize, Obama is too
much anti-democracy. This is the reason why there should be another
party running for president and they should call it the Liberal party,
it’s about time, make it official already. This would be a great thing
for the Communist party of America also, they could just join in! Obama
is not a Democrat and something has to be done to distinguish between
parties, there must be some kind of distinction between them, some
official type of categorizing. This again is another method the
Socialist left uses and has gain ground here in America and around the
world. Mixing everything in a way so they can get their way.

My Prediction:

You might think I’m crazy but I feel McCain will win and I’m
confident about it! It will be close but he will win. Now, if McCain
wins by a very large margin, then I will have the biggest field day of
my life. I will enjoy writings numerous articles showing and proving
how the media in America tried to fix the elections. There is no
argument that Obama is a phony, you can see it in his eyes when he is
speaking. One last thing, haven’t you noticed all the enormous American
flags showing up on stage with Obama? I sure didn’t see them before,
but now, all of a sudden, just in time, a few days before the official
day. That’s tomorrow my fellow Americans. What’s your take??
freedom of expression

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Re: “Here we are” By José Reyes

Mensaje por raptor f/22 el Lun Nov 03, 2008 5:43 pm

yo no creo a este pais tan suficientemente estupido para elegir a este tipo,quizas me equivoque,que lastima seria para este pais la ultima frontera de la democracia en manos de este hijo y sus acolitos.pero si gana ahi no termina la cosa ,todavia falta que tome posesion,si lo dejan llegar
raptor f/22
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