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The Truth About the McCain Health Care Plan

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The Truth About the McCain Health Care Plan

Mensaje por freedom of expression el Mar Oct 28, 2008 4:08 pm

To the McCain Community:

Obama and Joe Biden have consistently lied to Americans about John McCain's
plan. Their claims have failed every fact check from CBS to the Washington Post.
John McCain is not going to raise taxes on middle class
Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the only ones in this race
that plan to raise taxes. Their recent attacks have become increasingly
misleading. Read
the fact sheet below or click here to learn the truth about the McCain-Palin
Health Care Plan.



Senior Policy Advisor
McCain-Palin 2008

The Truth about the McCain-Palin
Health Care Plan

Barack Obama And Joe Biden Have Consistently Lied
To Americans About John McCain's Plan
. Their claims have failed every
fact-check - from CBS to the Washington Post. John McCain is not going to raise
taxes on middle class families. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the only ones in
this race that plan to raise taxes.


McCain Will Tax Health Care Benefits For The First Time And Will Be the Largest
Middle Class Tax Increase In History.


Obama charge is a blatant mischaracterization of the McCain Health
. It only focuses on the fact that the value of the employer
provided insurance will now show up as additional income for the employees -
what he fails to mention - is that John McCain's generous refundable tax credit
($5,000 for families and $2,500 for individuals) will not only shield
millions of families from a tax increase but will actually give them MORE
dollars to invest in their health care needs

The McCain Plan DOES NOT

  • Premiums paid by families and individuals
  • Employers for providing health care coverage
  • Medical expenses like the cost of a procedure or
  • Insurance claims

Supported By Obama's Own Advisor
This is an approach
supported by Barack Obama's own Senior Economic Advisor Jason
who wrote that "we could scrap the current deduction
altogether and replace it with progressive tax credits that, together with other
changes, would ensure that every American has affordable health

Than "Members of Congress":
Under the McCain Plan, your employer
can provide you with health insurance as good as a "Member of
Congress" (approximately $12,000)
, and you would pay no more
in taxes - regardless of your tax bracket. In fact, you would have
additional money left over from the McCain tax credit to put in a health savings

Is The Middle-Class "Tax Increase"
If you or your family is
in the 28% bracket, with an income of $180,000, you could receive employer
provided health insurance even better than a Member of Congress, with a
cost of almost $18,000, with no increase in taxes. Even the liberal leaning
Tax Policy Center, agrees that the McCain proposals will result in a
"net tax benefit" of more than $1,200 for an average tax
payer. A recent Lewin Group study estimated savings of more than
$1,400 per American family
- almost three times the savings as
under the Obama plan.


The McCain Plan Will Reduce Medicare Spending
By Billions By "Cutting Benefits, Eligibility or Both."


John McCain believes that we can achieve
savings in Medicare without reducing benefits or eligibility
. He
has proposed common-sense reforms that will not only put Medicare on a path of
financial stability but ensure access to quality care for millions of Americans.
Some of the policies proposed by the McCain plan include:

  • Promote
    payment reform
    that allows us to move away from the current
    fragmented and volume-based service to a system which rewards coordinated and
    quality focused care.

  • Eliminate
    Medicare fraud and abuse
    to ensure that nearly $60 billion a year,
    almost 10 percent of total Medicare spending, that goes to line the pocket of
    criminals instead of providing quality care for seniors.

  • Ensure
    that drug premiums for the wealthiest Americans are not being
    subsidized by the middle class

  • Promote
    a new generation of treatment models that better manage chronic care
    while rewarding prevention and wellness.

  • Greater
    use of Health IT and medical homes
    to promote greater co-ordination
    of care.

  • Reduce drug costs by allowing greater use of
    (including bio-generics).

The Obama Spin: If some of
the proposals above sound familiar to Senator Obama's proposals including -
better managing chronic care diseases, greater use of health IT, promoting
prevention and greater use of generic drugs - because they are. Only
the liberal media and the Obama campaign would characterize similar proposals as
"savings" in the their plan and "cutting benefits, eligibility or both" in the
McCain plan


John McCain Will Tax Health Care Benefits For
The First Time And Send The Money Straight To The Insurance

Another desperate attack by the Obama campaign. Here is
what they purposefully fail to mention - the credit goes to the insurance
company that the American family chooses to get coverage from, anywhere in the
nation. The power of choice lies with the family - not government bureaucrats or
insurance companies.

  • Putting
    Families In Charge
    : Under the McCain Plan American families will
    not only decide where the tax credit should be directed for their coverage needs
    but any additional money left over after purchasing coverage will be controlled
    by the family in a portable health savings account. Ridiculing this line of
    strange attack, The Associated Press stated, "Of course it would,
    because it's meant to pay for insurance. That's like saying money for a car loan
    will go straight to the car dealer."

  • Obama Criticizing His Own
    : Most importantly, Senator Obama is criticizing an
    approach that is used by his own HOPE credits - where tax payer money simply
    goes from the federal government to colleges.


Americans With Pre-Existing Condition Under
The McCain Plan Will Not Find Coverage.


John McCain believes that no American should
be denied access to quality and affordable coverage simply because of a
pre-existing condition
. As President, John McCain will work with
governors to develop a best practice model that states can follow - a Guaranteed
Access Plan or GAP - that would reflect the best experience of the states to
ensure these patients have access to health coverage. There would be reasonable
limits on premiums, and assistance would be available for Americans below a
certain income level.


The McCain Health Plan Will Damage Employer
Provided Insurance For Millions of Americans.


The McCain health plan builds on the employer-based
system. Employers will have the same incentive to provide health
insurance as they do today since they will continue to deduct the cost of health
insurance they provide to employees.

  • Millions With Employer Coverage Will Do Better
    Under The McCain Plan
    : Millions of American families with employer
    sponsored coverage in all tax brackets with the same coverage as a "Members of
    Congress" will now come out ahead with additional funds going into a portable
    health savings account. Importantly, younger and healthier employees with the
    McCain health care tax credit will have a bigger incentive to stay with the
    employers. For example, a 25-year-old employee in the 25 percent tax
    bracket with a $2,500 tax credit could either purchase a policy in the
    individual market for the same amount or stay with his employer plan and receive
    a $5,000 policy with an additional $1,250 to invest in a portable health savings
    account. Why would people choose fewer benefits for more

So Why Is
Barack Obama Hiding Details About His Plan?

  1. Barack
    Obama's Plan Will Harm Employer Coverage

    The Obama plan
    includes a $179 billion a year employer mandate. The mandate requires
    employers to either provide "meaningful" coverage or pay a tax towards the
    government plan. Faced with tough economic conditions and
    rising health costs this creates a clear incentive for employers to drop
    coverage and move families into the new government plan
    . A Lewin
    Group study which examined a similar employer mandate combined with a national
    plan, like the Obama plan, concluded that almost 52 million individuals would
    lose their private employer coverage. To maintain their competitive edge, others
    employers will follow - spelling the demise of the employer coverage

  2. Barack
    Obama's Plan Continues The Push Toward Government-Run

    The Obama plan will create a brand new
    government-run health plan at the cost of $243 billion a year - a financial
    burden of more than $3,000 a year on American families.

  3. Barack
    Obama's Plan Will Damage Private Coverage

    government-run plan will have a clear advantage over private insurance since it
    will be subsidized by American taxpayers. A recent analysis of both plans by the
    nonpartisan CATO Institute concluded that the Obama government-run plan will be
    able to "keep its premiums artificially low...since it can turn to the U.S.
    Treasury to cover any shortfalls" resulting in "undercutting the private
    market." According to Wall Street Journal, the goal of the Obama plan "
    HillaryCare in the 1990s, is to displace current private coverage and switch
    people to the default government option."

Paid for by McCain-Palin
freedom of expression

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